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Rainkit 990 & DIY Kit Plans
Rainkit 990 & DIY Kit Plans
Rainkit 990 & DIY Kit Plans
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Product Description

SolAqua offers this do-it-yourself kit for people with basic carpentry skills. The kit contains solar still components that may not be readily available "off the shelf" and are easily shipped. The kit includes construction plans based on the El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA) still design. The EPSEA still can be constructed using common hand tools and is almost twice the size of the Rainmaker™ 550. No molded parts are required.


Solar still made from the EPSEA construction plans, Rainkit 990, and store bought materials.

Materials included:

  • 24 tubes FDA-approved silicone
  • Silicone tubing for inlet, overflow, and product water
  • Fiberglass screen for membrane assembly
  • Plumbing fitting for still bucket with silicone tubing
  • Aluminum tape
  • Construction plans
  • Does NOT INCLUDE GLASS or Plywood

Other materials such as 2X4s, plywood, siding, and glass must be purchased locally.

The components specified for the EPSEA still have been used successfully and have proven their reliability. Water in the finished still comes in contact with only glass and silicone. Although there may be a slight silicone taste initially, this will disappear soon and the water will not have an aftertaste.

Rainkit 990 Plans: $245.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING within continental U.S.

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Product Description

Build Your Own Solar Still Construction Plans. You may purchase the original El Paso Solar Energy Association solar still construction plans without ordering the Rainkit™ 990. This may help you decide if this project is something you're ready to undertake. Shipping/handling fees included in price. NO RETURNS allowed on plans.

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
EPSEA Solar Still Kit Construction Plans - US$27 solstilplan