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Rainmaker 330 Solar Water Distiller
Rainmaker 330 Solar Water Distiller
Rainmaker 330 Solar Water Distiller
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Product Description
The Rainmaker™ 330 produces safe and delicious ultra-pure distilled water. The patented construction materials used are tried and proven and approved by the NSF for contact with water for human consumption. The design is straightforward and has no moving parts. Make your own "bottlled water."


  • Molded NSF-approved liner material
  • Sturdy fiberglass molded exterior box
  • Formed-in-place insulation
  • We no longer ship glass - purchase locally - we send dimensions
  • No tools required for assembly
  • PVC legs included
  • Garden hose adapter included
  • Bucket adapter available upon request

You can expect years of trouble-free operation as the Rainmaker™ 550 delivers pure distilled water.


In temperate climates, the Rainmaker 330 produces up to 1 gallons (3.6 liters) per day in the summer, and approximately half that in the winter months. Thermal efficiency (60%) is equivalent to about 330 Watts when operated in full sunlight. Production is about 0.5 liters per sun hour (kWh/m2).


Solar stills make water naturally for a pure clean taste. Distilled water from the store or from electric distillers relies on boiling the water, which leaves the water with a flat taste. The distilled water from a SolAqua solar distiller does not acquire the "flat" taste of commercially distilled water since the water is not boiled. Solar stills use natural evaporation and condensation, which is the rainwater process. This allows for natural pH buffering that produces excellent taste as compared to steam distillation.

Technical Specifications
Size: 61 cm (24") x 91.5 cm (36")
Area: 0.58 m2 (10 ft2)
Weight: ~20 kg (44 lbs) NO GLASS INCLUDED

U.S. PATENTS No. 6,767,433 & No. 7,153,395 B2 & No. 7,264,695 B2 AND OTHER OVERSEAS PATENTS

Rainmaker™ 330: PRICE ALREADY INCLUDES SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S. (usually allow 4-6 weeks due to high corona virus demand). 30 days allowed for returns and there is a 20% restocking fee. WE NO LONGER SHIP GLASS - must purchase locally approx cost is ~US$35 for glass

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