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The solar still is positioned to collect the maximum amount of sunshine each day. The sun is allowed to heat the water, which in turn begins the evaporation process. As the water evaporates, only pure water vapor rises and condenses on the underside of the glass.

It is at this part of the process that the heavy metals, salts and bacteria are either destroyed or left behind.

The gentle slope of the glass allows the water to trickle down to the collection trough and finally to your collection vessel.

The SolAqua still is a passive solar distiller. Only solar energy is required for the still to operate.

There are no moving parts.

The SolAqua still has been lab proven to remove salts, heavy metals, and bacteria.

The water has no aftertaste, although some users claim it has a sweet taste.

In the sunny southwest, the still can produce up to 1.5 gallons per day in the summer and about half that amount in the winter.

The water does not taste like "store bought" distilled water. Distilled water from the store or from electric distillers rely on boiling the water which leaves the water with a flat taste.

For most installations the still is self cleaning. In normal operation the still is filled with more water than it produces. The extra water helps flush the day's contaminants out the overflow tube. Unlike other systems, this water is not wasted but can be used in the yard for trees etc.

The still can be used with ocean water, and a more thorough flushing of the still will be required to remove the large amounts of salt removed from the water. Ask about our optional drain for these conditions.